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The mission of WINGSPACE is to have a physical coworking (office) space that will serve the growing independent workforce in our local community.

It's time for a new way of doing things. Coworking spaces are popping up around the world as a way to help move people out of their home offices and coffee shops and into a more productive and conducive environment for work and community.

Just imagine a coworking space that serves the growing population of independent entrepreneurs, start ups, established companies, remote professionals, freelancers, non-prifit organizations, and small businesses from various industries.  

As a rural community of local-minded and business-focused people, we will be able to collaborate on projects, share resources, and generate more success to support our livelihoods.

The WINGSPACE Coworking space will be intentionally designed to help your business thrive. 



The idea is to develop a friendly work place where serious business gets done. You’ve liberated yourself from the uninspiring corporate environment; now liberate yourself from the coffee shop, the isolating executive suite office, and or chaotic/isolating home office!

This is the kind of place where great ideas begin to expand. You’ll be able to plaster the walls with post-its, blanket the tables with plans, and showcase your latest pitch to investors. We get that making brilliant things happen takes time, so there will be offices and meeting rooms for client consultations, brainstorming sessions, trainings, and collaborations as well as a larger space for workshops, classes, demonstrations, networking meetups, and events.

The WING SPACE Coworking work place will be big enough to offer a variety of spaces for different vibes, while designed to be intimate enough to get to know the people sitting next to you. You will be able to get your work done at a desk in a light-filled coworking space, have a coffee and a conversation in a comfortable lounge, or book a private room for your next meeting or event.

What’s your preferred work style? A window view? A bar with stool? Standing Desk? Collaborative Table? Study Carrel? Paired table? Lounge Chair?  Wherever you want to work, we'll have a space for you to land.

Speedy WiFi

Got the coffee shop connection blues?  Fast, fast, fast, internet and super reliable service will be a top priority. Get connected, stay connected and blaze through the internet.                                                                                                 

Meeting Rooms

Of course!  Professional meeting spaces of various sizes that will include tables, chairs, white board, a TV monitor, projector - it will all be there. Just book it and it’s yours.

Podcast Room

For those who have their own podcast show, or those who will be interviewed on a podcast show, we can have a sound proof room to get it done in a quiet, professional environment with no risk of pets, toddlers, and teens popping in unexpectedly.


Do you want to develop an online training course, or create a professional marketing video? We can have professional quality video recording equipment available and a team of videographers and editors available to help make that happen.

What about having access to a Maker Space with a 3-D Printer, laser cutter, and or a wide format printer?

Professional Services and Independent Contractors

What if you had easy access to an accountant, legal services, and a website designer all under the same roof? Would that appeal to you?  Having a variety of different professionals all working in the same work environment can speed up your productivity and make life that much easier. The goal is to have a variety of different professionals in the coworking space.

Phone Booths

We’ve all experienced how the coffee shop cacophony killed the call!  We will have ‘mobile friendly’ phone booths to allow members to converse without disturbing others.


We all tried paperless, but who are we kidding? Sometimes, you've just got to print. We'll have a printer/copier/scanner and shredder available.


The community kitchen will provide free coffee, tea, filtered water, and snacks. Members will also have their own cubby to store their own personal snacks, and a refrigerator to store lunches.

Professional Business Address

Mail and Package handling will be available.

Promotion on Website

Members will have the opportunity for a spotlight article on the WING SPACE monthly blog.  

Educational Programs

Members will be able to teach and attend various educational programs geared to small businesses, startups, and your awesome self! Midweek Mindtweeks, lunch and learns, and more on a weekly basis.

After 5

There will be social and networking events planned on a regular basis for members to connect with others on a social level and build community among other like-minded individuals.