The WingSpace Way

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It's about community and building a strong local economy through entrepreneurship.

Here at WingSpace we believe that by working in close proximity to other creative, talented people, we can all become stronger, more successful, and more inclined to put on pants in the morning. We call this no-brainer “coworking.”

What makes us different than working in the local cafe, library or your garage? We work independently-but-together. This allows us to save money, boost our local economy, and reduce our individual impact on the environment. We're like a gym for your business where you work in an environment designed to help your business become stronger, healthier, and more sustainable. A gym offers memberships, programs, equipment, and personal trainers. WingSpace offers memberships, programs, events, equipment, and a personal support system. It's an effective place to work that helps you build relationships with the community and produce the kind of impact you desire for your business.

Many people working in coworking spaces experience significant increases in productivity and profit within a month or two of signing up. Becoming a member of the WingSpace Coworking community gives you unlimited access to the collective intelligence of the members, high speed wireless internet, free coffee (and sometimes snacks!) and a variety of seating options–all guaranteed to be free from the distractions of home, the eerie isolation of the public library, and the din of the coffee shop. 

It's all about getting from point 'A' to point 'B' with the right kind of infrastructure to get you there.  Some members are just starting up with their new venture and want to be surrounded by plenty of inspiration, creativity, and support, and some are more seasoned micro business owners with a desire to reach new goals and scale their business.

A lot of synergy takes place between all the different companies working under the same roof where everyone benefits from the local talent pool in the area. It's like having your own firm filled with a team of experts all within close proximity.  

It's not just a dream or a vision - it's real. Join WingSpace and experience the difference.