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If You've Been Thinking About Becoming a Health Coach

NOW is the perfect time to follow through on that decision! 

One of the best decisions I ever made when I decided to make a mid-life career change was when I registered to go back to school to get my health coach certification. I chose IIN [Institute for Integrative Nutrition] because it provided a holistic approach to their training program.  It was important to me that my investment give me the best bang for my buck, so to speak, because I wanted to learn how to be a knowledgeable health coach, an effective health coach, and have a successful career as a health coach. For me that meant I needed a program that would not only train me to be a health coach, but also train me how to be a successful health coach. There is a difference.

I checked out many health coach programs before deciding on IIN. So I wanted to share with you why I chose IIN and how my health coach practice has unfolded so far.

Why I chose IIN

First and foremost, IIN has some of our world's most up to date cutting edge health and wellness practitioners teaching and training their students. Their knowledge, wisdom, and experience is inspiring and insightful. The practical hands-on training prepares you for so many different scenarios that you will face when working with clients. I got to meet people from all over the world through online coaching sessions, at inspirational health coach conferences, and through mastermind groups with people right in my own State where we would meet in person to support one another.  The community of real health coaches throughout the world was empowering.

But the part of their program that was even more important to me was being taught how to either operate my own private health coach practice or work for someone else.  This program gave me the confidence, knowledge, know how, and tools to make that happen.

And the icing on the cake for me was when the school offered a book writing course. I had dreamed of writing a book for many years, and suddenly the opportunity to make it happen with plenty of guidance and support was right there in front of me. I decided to take the plunge, knowing that I would be part of a well thought out program that could get me to the finish line - a published book, Stretch Your Brave, Hack Your Story; Break Through Chronic Disease with Storytelling. It was quite the journey.

The school offered an international book competition open to health coaches around the globe with a $3,000 prize. I went ahead an entered the competition mostly as a motivating factor - kind of like the rabbit chasing the carrot around the track. To my surprise my book won the competition!  Part of the prize was a full scholarship to Marie Forleo’s B-School.  Writing and publishing my book boosted my health coach practice and gave me the confidence to do public speaking gigs, teach and facilitate workshops, and ultimately open a brick and mortar business, WINGSPACE COWORKING, for other heart-centered solopreneurs like myself.

IIN is offering an amazing package right now that I wish I had back in 2010 when I registered for the course. This offer is available starting today and goes through May 21st.  You can call to register at:  (844) 315-8547 

Check out everything that is included:

  • $1,000 instant savings on tuition
  • A brand-new tablet to access the program anywhere, anytime + a $200 Amazon gift card and book list of IIN’s world-renowned teachers (or an additional $700 off tuition if they don’t need the tablet and the gift card)
  • Full tuition to our Launch Your Dream Book Course ($995 value)
  • Full tuition to our Coaching Mastery Course ($995 value)
  • An invitation to an exclusive networking event at IIN’s New York City office ($525 value)
  • Access to an intimate live group call with IIN staff and primary teacher Joshua Rosenthal ($225 value)
  • A signed copy of Joshua Rosenthal’s new bookSerendipity

How My Health Coaching Practice Has Unfolded So Far

Immediately after graduating IIN I started my own private practice working from my home office. I built my client base by booking a series of public speaking gigs, presentations, and mini workshops. I partnered with other businesses to make that happen. Before I knew it I had filled my client base to capacity in one year.  Mind you, I only wanted to work with clients two days a week. I had 4 clients on Tuesdays, and four different clients on Thursdays. That was plenty for me and my private practice.

I then created my own course that I taught at in-person workshops here in Prescott.  I liked the idea of creating my own course and products, because it was residual income that would sell anytime.  I took my course and turned it into an online course and began teaching small groups of clients through online workshops. 

Then when IIN offered a book writing course I signed up for that in order to have another product to add to my product line.

Five years into my health coach practice, I decided that I wanted to embark on a bigger venture. I began working on developing a holistic online program specifically for parents who were struggling with their teenagers. My goal was to pull together a variety of experts and practitioners to create online courses. I spent over a year working on that project before I realized it was too big of a leap for me at that time.

I suddenly found myself feeling deflated and lonely. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do from that point on with my career.  So I reconnected with some of my health coach colleagues for support.  That experience made me realize that a lot of other coaches who work alone were also feeling frustrated and lonely. Frustrated with trying to run their businesses all by themselves and feeling overwhelmed, and lonely because they worked alone most of the time.  I completely resonated with their feelings!

I was inspired to do something to change that scenario.  I brought together a group of 5 women, each with their own solopreneur businesses, to see if they would be interested in opening a brick and mortar business together where we could all work under the same roof.  They seemed interested, but none of them were in a place where they could actually help make that happen.

That's when I set out to find other independent workers to give me the support I needed to make it happen. It took over a year, with plenty of challenges along the way, but I'm happy to say that with the help and support of many people I was able to open my doors to my new business for independent workers in April of 2018.

I never imagined that my health coach practice would unfold in this way. The more I learned to trust God to lead the way, and just allow myself to be at ease with my own strengths and allow others in to fill in with different strengths - that's when I began to experience the magic of community!

I now counsel other new health coaches to not try to force things so much, focus on building plenty of quality relationships, and do what you love. You still have to do the work, and when you take action - things happen.


If you want to know more about my personal experience with the program, training and my health coach practice I will be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. CONTACT ME

If you do decide to take advantage of this great opportunity please let the school know I referred you. I'll even give you a copy of my book for inspiration!

Dance, Love, Breathe, and Live Like You Mean It!
Peace & love, Melanie