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We are determined to grow, support and engage the immense power of coworkers, independent workers and small businesses to create long term, positive change in the community and empower individuals to succeed through the dynmanics of entrepreneurship.

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WingSpace Biz Camp

The WingSpace Biz Camp is a 5 week entrepreneurship academy for children ages 6 - 12, sponsored by WingSpace.  Every September volunteers (including local entrepreneurs, educators, and parents) lead a five week volunteer program designed to help students in Yavapai County learn the basics of entrepreneurship. This program is perfect for those children who enjoy making products, or coming up with ideas that solve a problem, and or provide a valuable service. 

The WingSpace Biz Camp is designed to help students prepare to participate in a the Prescott Children's Business Fair, which is a one-day event where the children can be an entrepreneur for a day.

Students will learn how to:
1) Develop their ideas, products, and services into a business using fun and creative mapping.  
2) Determine their cost of goods sold, how to price their products and services, and how to make a profit.
3) Develop their brand: Business name, messaging, plus packaging and presentation.
4) Best Business Practices: Money, marketing, and customer service.
5) Final Presentation at WingSpace: Each participant will have an opportunity to present their business to their class, teachers, and family members.


Prescott Children's Business Fair

Children ages 6 - 12 can be an entrepreneur for a day. Students who participate in the WingSpace Biz Camp Academy are qualified to participate in the Prescott Children's Business Fair (PCBF), where they get to put into practice what they learned. The Location for the 2018 Prescott Children's Business Fair will be posted soon. Check back for updates. Sponsored by WingSpace, TOI, and the Acton's Children's Business Fair.