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Consistently Do Less, But Do it Well

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Kris Vaughan, Certified Herbalist and owner of Herbal Wisdom Institute has a thriving business in Prescott Valley, and is an admitted recovering work-a-holic.

"Do more. Work harder. Push more content. Be an expert at everything." What a bunch of BS! I became an entrepreneur at age 18 and have had lots of time to figure out how to quit spinning my wheels on busy work that never really paid off. I have a background in marketing businesses such as salons and spas, educational facilities, physician's offices, and herbal product manufacturers. What I have learned in my years of busting my hump is to stop the rat race and consistently do LESS in order to grow my business. In this class, I will share with you why you should begin to ignore the conventional marketing and business advice that is running you ragged.

We will identify the key parts of your business that you need to be focused on and what you can let go of for now. We will also explore ways you can consistently do less for better results.

This class will give you permission to take your life back and not be a slave to the business you created in order to have a life.

Bring your lunch and something to take notes.

RSVP to reserve your spot. Space is limited to 14 participants.

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