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WingSpace Coworking in Prescott has been open since April 2018, and already there have been inquiries asking if we will be opening a locating in the Prescott Valley area. To learn more about WingSpace Coworking CLICK HERE

GOOD NEWS! WingSpace Coworking is considering opening a second location that would serve people in Prescott Valley and the East Side of Prescott. We’re calling this the East Wing Project. The first thing we need to do is find out if there is enough interest to make it worth our time and effort.

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THE PLAN: Over the coming months we will host a variety of meetups and events to start building a community of people who work from home or work alone — people who would enjoy the synergy and positive energy that comes from creating social connections with other people while being highly productive with their work.

If this sound like you - Woo Hoo! You may have finally found your peeps of other freelancers, entrepreneurs, thinkers, doers and idea makers.

Examples of the type of events include:

• Coffee Shop Co-Working
• Business Idea Exchange
• Midweek Mind Tweak - Lunch & Learns
• Speed Networking
• Speed Mentoring
• CoBoss Mastermind Groups

Events will take place at different locations. Basically anyplace where there is decent WiFi, tables & chairs, plus coffee & tea will be perfect for our co-working sessions. For other events we will need a private conference room with a flat screen tv or a projector, and a large whiteboard.

How can you help make this happen?
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