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WingSpace is a community and soon-to-be collaborative space for Independent Workers in the Greater Prescott Area.




The Well-Wisher

Support independent workers in the Prescott Quad-Cities area.  Every little bit helps us reach our goal and mission. Your generous contribution will help us provide the right kind of business services to those who need access to a professional collaborative work space, with desks, equipment and educational programming geared toward small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and women focused programs. 

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Pay-It-Forward Package

This reward includes:

• Two tickets to one programming event of your choice for you and a friend (includes any programming event hosted by WingSpace).  WingSpace will be offering daytime, evening, and weekend educational programs that enrich and empower independent workers to connect with other independent-workers, take a social break, and or learn something new.  We’ll tap local talent from young entrepreneurs to seasoned veterans in every industry to build programs that keep WingSpace members curious and growing in their personal and professional lives.

• At the core of our business is a 7-for-1 scholarship model – feel good that you’ve helped fund two scholarship tickets to programming.

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Business Neighbor Package


This reward includes:

Receive 18 hours of conference room credits for one year for your business to use for such meetings as employee meetings, hiring interviews, or trainings. Regular Meeting Room rate is $35/hr. (SAVE $130) WingSpace will have three meeting room options to choose from small consultation room for 2 ppl., medium meeting room for 2-6 ppl., and a large conference room for up to 10 ppl. seated at training tables or 20 ppl. seated theater style.

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BIG PICTURE - Monetary Contributor



Help us build an effective infrastructure that supports the growing independent workforce in Yavapai County. It's about strengthening the 'Local First' movement in our area for a thriving local economy.  When micro-businesses turn into small businesses that create jobs - we all benefit!  We'll add your name and or business name and logo to our website with a hyper link, and also on our 'Big Picture' wall inside of WingSpace. Receive 36 hours of conference room credits for one year for your business to use for such meetings as employee meetings, hiring interviews, presentations, or trainings.  ($1,260 Value, You Save $260)

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We did our best to answer all your questions in the details below. 
• Also visit our FAQs page
• If you still have questions feel free to contact us.

Crowdfunding Campaign Goal


Help us prove to the world and our partners that our community is ready to take flight.

We need your help because our partners expect us to have committed members before we can move forward in our negotiations. By contributing now you’re helping us secure our physical location.

$15,000 will allow us to get the basic amenities and get the doors open.

$25,000 + will allow us to also make the decor beautiful, contemporary and an amazing place to work! 


Project Description: WingSpace

Independent workers throughout the Greater Prescott Area constantly find themselves with no designated community space where they can go to gather, recharge, learn from, celebrate and work with one another without annoying disruptions, fear of losing their personal belongings in public spaces, or falling into the lonely depths of isolation. From Boomers to Gen Z, today’s independent workers are on the hunt for meaningful connections. We believe together we can make magic. Enter WingSpace. A collaborative workspace created by independent-workers, for independent-workers.

WingSpace is a community and soon-to-be a professional space for those who identify as freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, laptop hobos, small business owners, micro-business owners, non-profit organizations, and startups. It’s a space for work and play, that fills a gap addressed by no other resource in the Prescott Quad Cities area. 

We’re building a dynamic infrastructure for a diverse community of independent workers to inspire one other to live more empowered lives.

We believe entrepreneurship is an empowering economic advancement tool for anyone who is interested in pursuing his/her business dreams. WingSpace is interested in likeminded investors who can help us make our idea, space, and community a reality and large enough to make an impressive positive impact in our local economy. We believe finding investors who share our values and believe in our vision are a core part of our future growth and success.

Let's Work Independently-Together!

We want to build a stronger local economy through entrepreneurship and small business development so we can live and work where and how we want to live and work – Right Here In The Greater Prescott Area!

WingSpace is a community and soon-to-be a professional coworking space where independents can work independently-together at the intersection of art, design, technology, and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to be the most innovative workplace in Yavapai County that is intentionally designed to help independent workers thrive. As a community of local-minded, business-focused people, we will be able to collaborate on projects, share resources, and generate more success to support our livelihoods.

Many of the small businesses who start out at WingSpcace will eventually grow to need a space of the their own and ultimately create jobs. Independent workers are a driving force for our local economy. Say YES to 'Local First!"


The Space

We’re creating a physical space where independent workers can work, meet, and connect with other like-minded independent workers.

Amenities will include:

• Furnishings conducive to work and play.
• Mail Boxes and a lending library.
• Plenty of windows for natural light.
• A warming kitchen including cubbies for personal pantries, and a coffee/tea/water bar.
• Two fully outfitted conference rooms and a podcast/consultation room.
• An open coworking space with dedicated sit-to-stand desks, and open coworking space for frequent flyers.
• Two private phone booths, printing, and Free Wi-Fi.
• Private offices including: three single offices
• Quiet outdoor workspaces conducive for replenishing your Vitamin D supply.

WingSpace is focused on occupying a space near the downtown Prescott area. 



Our amenities will be designed to help you create better work-life balance between your home life and work life. The workspace will include desks, locking cabinets, a charging station, printers, and other professional equipment to keep your work life productive. Of course we will also have a coffee/tea/water bar, personal pantry cubbies and kitchen amenities that allow members to bring in their own food, wine, beer and other goodies to keep them motivated throughout the day and evening!

As a founding member you will also get access to our preferred vendors list and personal introductions to the Partners and Services that keep WingSpace running.


Midweak Mindtweak.jpg

WingSpace offers services that make it easier for independent workers to stay in boss mode. We’ve designed our services around the things we wish we had when we were in start up mode with our businesses, including: professional development programming, mentor and peer-mentor matching, executive coaching, and member networking and social events.



Scholarship Model


At the core of our business model is a 7-for-1 Scholarship component, which offers membership to people in the community who meet specific socioeconomic needs. This will allow us to create a truly diverse and inclusive environment regardless of socio-economic background. For every seven annual memberships, we’ll provide one annual membership scholarship. Scholarships will be based upon applications and recommendations launched before opening. As a founding member you can invite or join with 6 other friends or members who join with you and we’ll create a scholarship in whatever name your group chooses for the scholarship.



Biz Camp.png

Our mission goes further than serving our independent workforce, we are also on a mission to nurture our future independent workers and community leaders. WingSpace, LLC and Transformational Opportunities, Inc [TOI] are collaborating to provide opportunities for children in our community who have an interest in creating products and services and participating in an introductory level entrepreneurship academy. TOI is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to transform lives through entrepreneurship, business incubation, and creating and supporting viable opportunities to transform lives. The WingSpace Biz Camp is a volunteer program designed to teach children how to turn their interests into a business through experiential activities. The Biz Camp prepares them for an opportunity to be an entrepreneur for a day at the Prescott Children’s Business Fair, where they will get to present and sell their products and services to the general public.



Networking event.jpg

As a member of WingSpace you are welcomed into an active community of caring people.  We help you connect in whatever way you feel is right for you, and we also support you if you desire to stretch outside of your comfort zone for personal and or professional growth. We facilitate mentorship duos and groups. As a founding member you will get first access and invitations to our community events and groups prior to opening!

Support for Newbies

Community support-fingers.jpg

WingSpace also provides a great landing pad and respite for independent-workers who are new to our area with organized events and social gatherings. Included in our community benefits are connections to other local organizations and places of business. We also have a group specifically for women entrepreneurs who want to focus on female focused programming and social gatherings.

Women Focused Programming

Circle Up.jpg

Here at WingSpace we feel it is important to provide programming and events that allow women to explore personal and professional growth in a safe and supportive environment. Women will be able to align with each other around shared interests and passions, and work at building their confidence, negotiation skills, and setting healthy boundaries (e.g, starting your own business, career transition, or looking to jump to the next stage of your career, etc).

Why Crowdfunding?


We explored many different paths to funding WingSpace including traditional funding from banks, investors, and even a USDA facilities grant, which was put into a holding pattern so that those Federal funds could go to help those impacted by recent natural disasters - and rightly so.

With all that being said, at the end of the day, all those options listed above simply do not reflect our mission of being built by independents, for independents. Nor do they value the same things we do: we’re building WingSpace because it’s part of our life’s work to build a stronger local economy so we can 'live and work HOW AND WHERE WE WANT to live and work' – Right here in the Prescott Area. We’re not focused on building it to scale it and sell it. We believe the power of WingSpace lies with the community. As the founder and female entrepreneur, I decided to turn to our community for support and pre-sell memberships to raise the funds needed to build out our physical space, and purchase the equipment needed for the workspaces -- which are the most critical components of WingSpace. Built by Independent-workers for independent-workers!

The Founding Team


WingSpace was founded by Melanie Banayat in early 2017. Throughout that year Melanie gathered a founding team of other independent workers from different industries. Each of those team members had just as much passion for the project and devoted much of their time and resources to help bring WingSpace to fruition. While each team member has their own level of expertise within their own industry, collectively they agreed that the world of entrepreneurship comes with a mountain of challenges. For many independent workers working from home, cafés, and other public places is simply not conducive to building or growing a sustainable business successfully. The fact is they felt isolated, they found themselves wearing too many professional hats, they were not as productive as they wanted or needed to be, and their ability to acquire and utilize necessary resources were limited by working independently ‘alone’. Whereas working independently ‘together’ changes everything! Now they can share resources, share ideas, and utilize each other’s products and services. Basically the benefits are many.

We are driven by a cause much larger than any one of us – to create a personal and professional haven for independent workers in our community, and to build a stronger local economy through entrepreneurship.