What a Difference
A Hyphen Makes


Coworking is unlike any other office rental facilities. Coworking has a philosophy. It features strong values.
The Coworking Industry has decided to differentiate itself as a brand in order to emphasize the difference, so they dropped the hyphen.

The Five Core Coworking Values:
Community • Collaboration • Openness • Accessibility • Sustainability


Coworking is . . . Community

Coworkers seek to develop their connection to people for the long run. They prefer “authentic” encounters because they believe better professional collaborations come out from these relationships.  This philosophy is far from the frenetic instantaneous exchanges that often take place in typical 'networking scenarios' where the focus is on referrals, reciting 30-second elevator speeches, and exchanging business cards - which can feel, well, disingenuous. 


Coworking is . . . Collaboration

Even though the community is made up of people from different industries, that's what makes it so valuable. The value lies in the diversity. The ability to collaborate on projects, offer each other expertise and insight, and treat each other as equals. This requires a community to cooperate and function on a high level of respect and maturity. Cooperation between the members of the community is one of the most important added values of coworking in comparison to traditional working environments. 


Coworking is . . . Openness

Open-mindedness, in regards to the other members of the group, which enables everyone to be a part of the community. It suggests accepting the unexpected. Thus, serendipity is favored!  Asking for forgiveness (and forgiving) are common practices when magical moments unfold with enthusiasm.


Coworking is . . . Accessibility

The accessibility of a coworking space is how the space designs itself. Indeed, by default, self-selection is what develops a coherent community. Therefore, there is no need for barriers to entrance; we trust that things will figure themselves out.


Coworking is . . . Sustainability

Member sustained, baby! Coworking is a sustainable concept. In addition to the majority of co-workers with an ecological awareness coworking sought right from the beginning to propose an alternative way of working. Founders of coworking centers also wished to guarantee the autonomy of their structures by depending exclusively on the revenues they get from the members of their community (and thus not relying on outside financing).

Same thing goes for recruiting: 93% of the existing coworking centers develop their community largely by word to mouth, seeking and inviting in those who believe in the coworking concept. 

Lastly, coworking spaces value sustainable relations within their communities in effort to dismantle isolation and the stigma surrounding mental health. Together, we can take a stand against loneliness and mental illness and embrace the lovely mindset that "Healthy is the New Black". We encourage the practice of the simple act of asking those around us how they’re doing—by checking on our mates - inspired by the CheckYoMate movement. #checkyomate

“How have things been going with you?”
“You haven’t seemed yourself lately. Is there something you’d like to talk about?”
“What’s going on for you at the moment?”
“How are you doing? Anything you want to chat about? Let's have lunch together today.”