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Actual pain points that brought others to WingSpace:

"Tired of bouncing ideas off myself.”

”I have been trying to find an affordable meeting place for my food safety classes/exams. Hotels are expensive. Some places have so many rules and regulations that do not include commercial activities where I charge for my services. They only allow spaces if you do not charge for your meeting or training.”

“Just moved to Prescott and starting to work remotely, I usually work late and coffee shops get too crowded with kids and loud people and close way too early!”

“My wife is pregnant and has officially given me notice that I need to evict my home office. So now I’m looking for a new place to set up.”

”I love being around smart, forward thinking people. And I love collaboration. I know I have lots to offer and am curious about what a space like this might do for me.”

“We recently moved from Prescott to Dewey but my kids are staying in Prescott Schools. Doing the drive from Prescott to Dewey twice a day while trying to work East Coast hours may just kill me.” :)"

“Relocating to Prescott, been in an office for 5+ years, don't want to work at home!” :)

“I needed an official business address for my new business which is mobile.”

“I am a single mom and work remotely. I also recently moved to the area and am still meeting people. The lack of adult connection during the day is rough. My daughter has care 3 mornings a week and I would like to find a place to work around others for some of those days”

“I am starting a life coaching business and looking for a place where I can learn and be supported that is in my local community. I have coaches who live in other states and countries and would love to get involved and meet like-minded women in person. I just went to Australia for a business retreat and now being back in the states, I have lost physical contact with all of them. I don't regret having that experience at all although I realize how much I enjoy connecting in person with women who are on a trajectory to up level and grow, expand.”

“I am starting up my business and was thinking about renting an office space vs. working from home. I had heard of the concept of co-work spaces so I googled that for Prescott and found wingspace. Looks like it could work really well for my current ideas/needs. I love the idea of being around other local entrepreneurs!”

“Looking for a supportive environment to take getting things done to the next level for myself and my wife.”

“I’d like to look into a work space for a few days a week with good internet access and the opportunity to network”

“Looking to connect with other professionals”

“I work for a coding school based out of Brooklyn, but I'm based in Phoenix and work out of a coworking space downtown called The Department. I'll be spending the next few days in Prescott (used to live here), and rather than work out of a coffee shop, I'd love to spend the day at WingSpace! I may be here Monday as well. Super excited that y'all are here, the last time I was up in Prescott, there were no coworking spaces!”

”Self employed and tired of working out of house with no interaction with people.”

“I work remotely 100% of the time and most often based in Chicago but visiting family in Prescott. I can’t stay around them for too long or I risk my sanity. Space is healthy!” :)