The Dangers of Social Isolation and Loneliness

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Deep and meaningful connections are like food for your soul - it's a fundamental human need to live a well-nourished, quality life. And yet in our modern society it has become all too easy to fall into a pattern of social isolation.

Even though connecting with people anywhere, anytime, throughout the world at large, is literally at our fingertips (social media, texting, email) more and more people are reporting that they feel lonelier than ever.

It's not that feeling lonely is abnormal, in fact, it's a very normal feeling. Everyone feels lonely sometimes - after a break up, when you change schools or jobs, move to a new city, transition into the empty nest lifestyle or retirement.

Chronic loneliness, however, is an entirely different story.  No matter what your age chronic loneliness leads to all kinds of problems.

• Distorted Thinking
• Poor Decisions
• Addictions
• Depression
• Poor Self-Care
• No Accountability
• Chronic Health Symptoms
• Premature Death

Having healthy social connections is not about having a large numbers of friends, or attending social events. It's about the quality of connection between you and someone else. We are inherently social beings - we were designed to connect with others.

When we feel lonely or isolated there is also a stigma attached to it that feels shameful. To admit that you feel lonely or isolated is painfully embarrassing for many. Another problem is that a lot of people never learned good social skills growing up, which leads to a higher level of anxiety around the idea of making social connections.

Healthy, deep, and meaningful social connections requires a certain level of trust and vulnerability.  To share and connect with another person in a meaningful way can feel like a giant risk for many.  For example: For some people the risk of being rejected can be an emotional trigger -- being rejected will likely cause them to experience pain.  And nobody enjoys feeling pain.  We'll do just about anything to avoid feeling pain.

In my upcoming workshop I will be addressing social isolation, loneliness, and public shaming.

If you sense that social isolation and loneliness are becoming problematic in your life come join me in this workshop where we will explore some simple yet effective action steps that you can begin to implement in your daily life.  Regain your sense of self and take steps toward building deep, meaningful, and authentic connections in your life.

I hope to see you there!

Peace & Love, 


'Jumpstart Your Healing Journey' 2-Day Workshop
January 21 - 22
Hassayampa Inn
Prescott, Arizona
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