Begin Your Year with Pause

By Melanie Banayat, CHHC

Here we are at the beginning of another new year.  It’s 2017.  Time to clear the slate, say good riddance to the past, and hello the new opportunities. Right? And as wonderful as that sounds we all know from past experience that it’s not always that easy - especially if 2016 was a particularly challenging year all the way up to the very end. 

If that was the case for you then take a moment of pause to breathe deeply, relax your shoulders, and allow yourself to be mindfully in the present moment – right here, right now. 

Listen to your breath. Feel your heart beat. Notice where you feel any tension in your body. Make a mental note of that tension. Choose to release it. Look around you. Are you alone? Look at your surroundings. Notice the sounds. Is there natural light around you? What do you smell? Are there other people around you? What is the energy of your surroundings like at the moment? Is it busy? Or is it relaxed and quiet?  How do you feel emotionally? Happy? Relaxed? Sad?  Do you feel like crying? Do you feel like yelling? Do you feel a need to connect with someone?

The simple exercise of “Pausing” to bring yourself, your surroundings, and your current physical and emotional feelings to the forefront of your mind can help you gain a better perspective that your past is truly behind you.  You’re in a new moment now, with new opportunities.  You can make a new choice.  In every new moment you can make a different choice.  What a gift.  It's the gift you have every day - every moment.

What new choices will you make today? Not tomorrow.