Making New Choices

Image from the annual Burning Man event in Nevada

Image from the annual Burning Man event in Nevada

Transformation begins within each one of us. 

It begins within your own heart. 

Just like this image from the Burning Man event, which depicts two adults after a disagreement, yet the inner child within each of them simply wants to connect.  Isn’t that at the root of all this disharmony?  The need to be heard, feel safe, believed, respected, and trusted?

It’s easy to get pulled into the distractions of divisive politics, social causes, and science versus philosophy, versus faith, and to feel that if your neighbor, your spouse, or your teenage child is not on your side then they are against you, or worse yet - your enemy. No matter what you believe you still have a choice to agree to disagree. And, you can still choose to love and respect others without bad-mouthing them either behind their back or publicly. The power to live in respectful harmony resides within your heart, mind, and spirit.

It’s nearly impossible to escape the barrage of negativity going on throughout our daily lives – fear, anger, scarcity, noble indignation, moral superiority, us versus them mentality, and to feel threatened, righteous, and defensive.  There’s nothing wrong with having those feelings.  Go ahead and feel it.  It’s normal.  Taking action upon those feelings with injurious behavior, however, only fuels the fire of negativity.  Harmony requires us to see beyond all the negativity and behave in such a way that leads to harmony.

We can each check in with our own attitudes, beliefs, and assumptions and our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to determine if we are living according to our values and principles.  What we think, how we feel, and our actions speak loudly – they create an energy that radiates outward. What kind of energy are you putting out into the world?

Demanding. Manipulating. Pressuring. Expecting. Forcing. Humiliating, Shaming, Fighting. Judging.


Loving.  Forgiving.  Helping.  Listening.  Balancing.  Harmonizing.  Understanding.  Empathizing.

When my own life was nearly destroyed when I was put through a smear campaign 12-years ago, my soul was injured deeply and it changed my life forever.  I certainly could have become extremely bitter and vengeful.  But I knew that would hold me prisoner to negativity in my life and hold me back from living the kind of life I wanted to experience.

We can make a different choice.  In every moment, we can look inside our hearts and make a different choice.  Put down the stones, and choose love.

Dance, Love, Breathe, and Live Like You Mean It!

Peace & Love, Melanie

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