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An Executive Office for One VS. An Office Membership in a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are on the rise as an attractive alternative to the traditional office. When it comes to traditional office leases, there are actually a substantial amount of unforeseen costs that you probably aren’t accounting for when choosing the perfect office space to suit your business needs.

I spent the past year in search of a 3,000 square foot space for WingSpace.  I looked at many properties and learned quite a bit about why there are so many empty office suites in Prescott.

Of course, not every business is a good fit for a coworking space, but for those who do not NEED …[Read More]

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Give Me My WingSpace

The walls are closing in. The dog keeps looking at me. It’s noon and I haven’t showered. I have forgotten how to behave in polite society.

I’ve been working almost entirely from home for over 7 years. I do go OUT THERE for the normal reasons but the only person I know by name is my favorite cashier at the grocery store. I am a stranger in my own town.

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