How Networking Works in Coworking Spaces

If you are in businesses then networking is an important part of growing and sustaining your business.

If the word Networking makes knots pop up in your shoulders . . . believe me, we understand your pain!

Here at WingSpace we like to take the organic approach to networking. There is something magical about working under the same roof where everybody is open to collaborating, helping each other work through annoying tech issues, or popping into an open conference room for a spontaneous brainstorm. You really get to know the people working around you far more than you do at a highly structured networking meeting once a week.

Here are some tips on how to network in a coworking space

Spend Time in the Common Areas

Regular break times like lunch time or during the 2 pm Coffee Bar pick-me-up time are great times to just hang out and start up a conversation.

Search Our Member Directory

We highly recommend that you fill out your member profile on our member directory. The directory is a great way to find local business owners with products and services that you may need and to make yourself visible to the rest of the community.

Connect on the Online Member Slack Portal

WingSpace members connect with each other via our online office portal on Slack. It’s just another way to get to know other members.

Invite Another Member to Lunch with You

Asking someone to have lunch with you is simple and convenient when the person is sitting across the room from you. “Hey, would you like to go grab some lunch with me, I’ll drive.”

Attend Any of Our Weekly and Monthly Activities, Workshops, Classes, or Networking Events

We have everything from Taco Tuesday pot luck lunches, our Wednesday Midweek Mind Tweak Lunch & Learn, Friday Happy Hours, our CoBoss Mastermind Program, and evening networking events. You can find our events on our events page or on our WingSpace Coworking Meetup page.

We’re a pretty friendly bunch here at WingSpace, so just show up, introduce yourself, and start building relationships.