A Day In The Life of a Coworking Space

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What is it like to work at WingSpace?

In a nutshell membership here is like a full contact sport. Meaning, members take on full-tilt-boogie ownership of the space when they realize this is “their” office. They take pride in the space and it feels a little like walking into Cheers where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.

There are not a lot of distractions here like there are at home, and yet there is a lot of lively movement as members come and go, or stop to interact at the coffee/tea/water bar, or take a well-deserved break in the shared kitchen. You’ll see networking happening organically throughout the day; it doesn’t feel forced or contrived, because once you get to know and trust the other members referrals and handoffs are natural and easy.

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What’s included with membership?

We have all the basics of any home office. Seriously, all you really need to bring is your laptop and whatever you’re working on.

We have…

• Computer monitors
• HDMI cords
• Printer/Scanner/Shredder
• Office supplies. Staplers, paper cutter, and other miscellaneous items that members donate and share
• Professional address
• Coffee/Tea/Filtered Water
• Sit-to-Stand desks
• A variety of seating options - choose your flavor!
• A Lending library
• Tons of electrical outlets
• Podcast equipment
• Device charging station
• Phone Booths for privacy
• Outdoor seating areas
• White noise machine
• Amazon Echo “Alexa” for music and the answer to “why did the chicken cross the road?”

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How can non-members participate?

• You can rent the large conference room for various reasons: Teach a continuing education class, host a workshop or training course, do a presentation for your clients, host a movie showing, and so on. See rates

• You can rent the entire Cloud Cafe’ inside of WingSpace on weekends for workshops, or private parties like a baby shower or a birthday celebration, or a game night. See rates

• You can participate in our CoBoss mastermind program.

• You can sign up for any of our workshops or courses.

• Sign up for the WingSpace Coworking meetup group to easily RSVP for our events.

• Women can join the ‘Women of WingSpace’ facebook group for women focused programming.

• You can attend our Friday Happy Hours from 3:30 p to 5 pm on most Fridays.

• You can attend our Midweek Mind Tweak Lunch & Learns on Wednesdays from 12:30 p - 1:30 pm.

• You can rent a Brochure and Business card space for your marketing materials for just $5/mo.

• Join the Pop Networking group that meets every Tuesday at WingSpace from 12 noon to 1 pm.

• Meetup groups can have a complimentary hour in the large conference room every month for their meetups. Talk with Melanie about the details.


It’s not all work and no play.

Even though we’re serious about getting our work done it’s the monthly Taco Tuesdays, the postings of silly gif animations on our inner office slack channel, and our family friendly member parties that help set the tone for our workplace culture here. Food, laughter, and social activities are the glue that bond us as a community. To be honest…this is probably the number one reason WingSpace exists, because we need more in-person connections, more opportunities for building real and meaningful relationships, and to know there is a tribe of caring peeps who care about you, your family and your business.

This is why we choose to cowork.