Member Spotlight: Kind because you can!

Kara Peterson, Kind Defined Executive Director

Kara Peterson, Kind Defined
Executive Director

Member: Kara Peterson

Tell us about you - what do you do?: I am the executive director and founder of Kind Defined, a nonprofit promoting kindness. We are trying to bring kindness back to human interactions.
In today's world of upheaval, competitiveness and individualism, we want to remind everyone that one act of kindness can change the world.

Describe what makes your work/product/service different or better than others in your industry.: Our "target" audience is children ages 7-10 for our main program which is our day camps. There are a lot of programs that focus on children, bullying, or abuse. What few seem to focus on is the root cause which is recognizing others as humans who have value, deserve your respect and kindness, regardless of whether or not you agree with their opinion. We do not promote changing your values, we want people to stay true to their beliefs, we just want them to be willing to listen and be heard.

How did you get into (your line of work?: I quite literally stumbled. Some days I still feel like I am fumbling my way through. I have big dreams. One of my dreams was I wanted to change the world. I found some amazing and dynamic people who were willing to get behind me and put my dreams into realistic goals.

What has been your biggest hurdle so far (with your work/business)?: I am laughing. I have so many hurdles.
1. Knowing what I should be doing-I had no idea I needed a TPT license, to then get the business license (again unknown) so I could get the very important event packet filled out-we almost did not roll out our first event, because of my lack of knowledge

2. Enough help. There is no money coming in yet, so we have no staff. I am fortunate to have a board of directors that believe in the kindness cause and even though they are crazy busy, they are working on parts of it too, but still, there is more work to be done than people to do the work.

3. Marketing-people have no idea who or what we are.

What would you like the WingSpace community know about you?: Kind Defined is a nonprofit that believes in the ripple effect. Your smile can truly brighten someone's day. We are an organization of good people and kind hearts. We simply want the world to be a place where we look upon each other and smile. Sometimes we may say, "Huh, I never saw it that way, but there you go." But we are not angry or shouty at another.

Why did you choose to work at WingSpace?: I wanted a place I could go and not be interrupted, whether with other chores I could be doing or dogs or meal prep or phone calls or whatever. People (read family) does "see" me at work if I am at home. If I get my stuff together and leave in the morning and come back in the afternoon, the family thinks I was working. Somehow this is not true if I am at home.

What is one of your favorite things about WingSpace?: It is a casual environment that allows for serious thought.

What is one thing people don’t know about you?: I am the oldest of 6.

What hopes and dreams do you hope to accomplish at WingSpace?: I want Kind Defined to have a successful year: at least 3 good day camps and 2 profitable fundraisers.

Members in WingSpace may be able to help you as well…What are your own personal hopes and dreams.: After this year...I will go back to the personal. Sometimes it is hard to tell where personal and professional separate, when professional is your vision. However, next year all of our events (which will be annual) will have a well laid out book to help organizers plan.
I can dream next year, this year I am surviving.

What does a typical day look like for you?: A wingspace day? I exercise, get my rollerbag (which I organized the night before), pack a lunch, drive to wingspace, do a 5 minute circle to say "hi" to people, grab a coffee, sit down and work solidly for 2 hours, I get up, socialize a little maybe, eat lunch, do 2-3 more focused hours of work and call it a day!
I get more done on my Wingspace days than on 2 days at home.

What three words best describe you?: Driven, Genuine, Creator

If you had 100 billion dollars, you would…: Go to Italy, Greece and Spain.
Have my husband pave the driveway (this is his dream)
put away 80 billion in a nonprofit designed to give scholarships/funds to other nonprofits. (So I would establish yet another nonprofit)
I don't know what to do with the rest..that is a lot of money-
OH, my husband, he would feed the world (I veer towards kindness, he veers towards hunger) and he would save every unwanted dog-he would probably open a kennel in every state designed to take in unwanted dogs, train them, love on them and them make them desirable to others.

What’s on your music playlist?: My study playlist: I love an artist: Robin Miller, he is a guy in Sedona, he was selling his CD on the square there and I love it.
Scott August: Saw him playing at Portland airport and liked him
Derek Bell: picked up his CD at a used bookstore and it is great.

Why are you so awesome?: Because my brain has not imploded yet.

What business contact information do you want to share with others?: 

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