The Doorway of Ideas, Imagination, and Opportunities

By Melanie Banayat, Founder of WingSpace

"As soon as you open your mind to doing things differently, the doors of opportunity practically fly off their hinges." ~Jay Abraham

WS Doorway_72.jpg

When I decided to design the asymmetrical door frame at WingSpace, it was because I wanted people to walk into our front door and have an immediate visual that this place was a little different than most office places in the Prescott area. It is my hope that when people see this doorway it helps set the tone and they get the message that this place is fun, whimsical, and a place where they can take a risk with their so called "crazy" ideas.

I was inspired by Dr. Seuss and Monster's Inc. when coming up with the design, whereas others have said it reminds them of The Jetson's, Willy Wonka, Tim Burton movies, or Alice in Wonderland, and I say... Yes! Yes! and Yes!  That's the idea. 

Those who have dared to step through the door of possibilities known as self-employment, entrepreneurship, or independent work, at some point decided to take a risk. And here at WingSpace we want to support you and your creative ideas as best as we can.

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Why work alone? And why limit happy to an hour, when you can work happy?!