A Culture of Belonging for Independent Workers

by Melanie Banayat

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The future of work culture is here in the form of coworking spaces, and it’s quietly addressing some of the world’s biggest problems in a proactive way. At face value coworking spaces have set out to differential themselves by offering value-added services, partnerships with nearby businesses, unique environments, and attractive, user friendly membership structures. Yet the true value does not lie in such perks, but rather in the coworking community within the space itself! According to Harvard Business Review connections with others are a big reason why people pay to work in a communal space.

It was once believed that working from home with Wi-Fi and a table would suffice for our modern day laptop entrepreneurs.  Over time many ended up gravitating to coffee shops in search of social interaction and camaraderie, which fell short of fulfillment for those who wanted something more than just familiar faces and superficial small talk.

Enter the coworking space where not only did they find social connections and camaraderie – they experienced something way more than they expected.

1. A sense of belonging

When the common ground of a workspace is built around community, collaboration, openness, accessibility, and sustainability this makes it easier to build networks, bounce ideas off each other, find lunch partners, and ultimately unlock the potential of a cohesive professional community.

2. Building on belonging

Many coworking spaces also focus on hosting social events, and educational programming to provide ongoing opportunities for its members to build deeper bonds while conducting business.

3. Sustaining belonging

Coworkers are encouraged to take ownership by thinking of ways to innovate and further foster a close knit community. At WingSpace we offer a Bright Ideas Board where members can offer up their suggestions, they can also attend member round tables allowing them to feel more valued within the space.

If this sounds interesting to you, we invite you to come to WingSpace for a Free Test-Flight where you can work for a day for free!