Best 4 Free Private Meeting Spaces in Prescott

by Melanie Banayat

If you’re NOT a non-profit, nothing is quite as difficult and nuanced as finding free meeting space in Prescott. Most people end up meeting in café’s and restaurants, which means everyone feels obligated to buy something every single time you meet.

By and large, meeting rooms in Prescott cost money. So I set out to find meeting rooms that have an almost impossible set of criteria:

1) Free

2) Responsive to inquiries

3) Good availability and few restrictions on use?

I found a few and I want everyone to know about them, so you can go forth and MEET. 

There are actually some pretty good options.

Goodwill Career Center

Capacity: 25 - 50 Multi Purpose Room

Location: 385 Iron Springs Road Prescott, Arizona 86305

Cost: Free

Call to reserve a time: 515-6540

Bonus Points: Ample parking. They seem to have built their space around being useful to the community

Feather in Your Cap Score: 4/5, because it’s located on the west side of town 2.5 miles from the downtown Prescott Courthouse Square, so not as convenient for most people. And it’s only available from 8:30 am – 5 pm

Prescott Library

Capacity: 10-14
They have two different conference rooms available to free.
Mtng. Rm. 1) no wifi, 2-10, configurable tables and chairs
Mtng. Rm. 2) Flat screen TV, 2-14, configurable tables and chairs

Location: 215 E Goodwin St, Prescott, AZ 86303

Cost: free

Call to reserve a time: 928-777-1521

Bonus Points: downtown location! Free onsite parking lot, plus street parking.

Feather In Your Cap Score: 4/5 Feathers, because it’s only available during library hours.

The Business Assistance Center [BAC], part of NACOG

Capacity: 1-35

Location: 221 N. Marina St. #201, Prescott, AZ. 86301
There are three different size spaces.
Mtng. Rm. 1) Large office 1 - 4
Mtng. Rm. 2) Small meeting room, up to 10, configurable training tables and chairs, flat screen TV
Mtng. Rm. 3) Confernence Room seats up to 35 seated theater style

Cost: free

Bonus Points: Available to book for evenings and weekends, and downtown location. Free onsite parking lot (a little on the small side), plus street parking.

Feather in Your Cap Score: 4/5 feathers because if you want to use it on evenings or weekends you have to go to their office to pick up their key during their normal business hours M-F
between 9 am - 5 pm (somewhat inconvenient).

WingSpace Coworking

Capacity: 14

The Constellation Meeting Room has two large whiteboards, a 70" flat screen smart TV with HDMI and Internet for video conferencing, podium, configurable tables/chairs. Food and beverages may be brought in (Adult beverages are fine).

Location: 371 Garden St. Suite A, Prescott, AZ 86305

Cost: free for meetup groups 24/7 (all hours access is available when the meetup group goes through the meet-n-greet process)

To schedule a time: Check the calendar and then email to reserve.

Bonus Points: Downtown location! The meeting room is private and separate from the rest of the coworking space. Free onsite parking lot, plus street parking.

Feather in Your Cap Score: 5/5 feathers because it’s my business :) 

constellation conference room.JPG