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At our meetup on February 1st we got into the Nitty-Gritty-Nuts-and-Bolts of WingSpace. For those of you who could not make it to the meetup we decided to post the Q&A session below. You can also visit out FAQ Page for more Q&A.

Category #1: Space Available

• Q: Is the office building on Gurley Street confirmed?   A: Not yet.

Q:  How many sites has WS toured for occupying? Around 20 locations

• Q:  Based on the current location – how many private offices will there be? 3 private, and 3 shared.

• Q:  Will there be studio space (art)? Not at this space, especially if a sink is needed.

• Q:  Will there be a ‘Private’ meeting room for client consultations? Yes

Category #2: Availability

Q:  Will it be possible to permanently leave things (personal belongings)? Yes. Full time members will have locking cabinets. And space permitting we will have lockers available to part-time members to use.

• Q:  Month-2-month memberships? Daily drop-ins?  Yes and Yes

• Q:  Will it be open 24/7?  Yes, for full-time and part-time members. We will be using a software and hardware system by Proximity Space for 24/7 access

• Q:  Entry Key Code? Proximity is an app used with smart phones for keyless access.

• Q:  Security?  Yes. We will have a security system in place to monitor the space in order to keep our members and their personal belongings safe.

Category #3: Marketing

Q:  What is your competition…makerspace? I suppose our biggest competition is really People’s home offices, cafés, the public library, and hotels? But none of those spaces have community.  As far as a makerspace, or business incubator, or innovation center I view them as complementary  - not competition, because their purpose and model are different than a coworking space such as WingSpace.

• Q:  What can be done to recruit corporate cyber-workers?
That will be a matter of putting together a marketing campaign targeted to corporations with remote-worker options for their employees. Although, some remote workers look for coworking spaces on their own for the community.

• Q:  Will there be direct competition in this building?  In other words, will WingSpace allow two or more of the same kind of business in the space? Yes. WingSpace is not an exclusivity model.WingSpace believes that every business is unique. For example: There may be three health coaches …One specialized in working with stressed our women over 40, one specializes in herbalism, and the other specializes in working with new mothers. They can collaborate and refer clients based on the clients needs. WingSpace also believes in ‘Self-Selection.’ Members will decide for themselves if WingSpace is a good fit for them or not.

• Q:  What other local established businesses do you plan to partner with?
We have a partnership with Embry Riddle and their School of Business. Cartridge World will be supplying printers. We’ll be reaching out to other local businesses as well. Basically were open to talking with any local business that is in good alignment with our business values, mission, vision, and goals.

Q:  How do you plan to get the word out? (to target market)
The statistics in the coworking industry indicate that the best marketing methods have been Google Search (SEO), blogging with searchable keywords, and word of mouth (mostly from current members). Google searches tend to attract those who are typically looking for office spaces or meeting rooms.  Whereas, members tend to want to invite people in whom they feel would be a good fit for the coworking concept/mindset, and long-term use.

Category #4: WingSpace Goals

Q:  When does it start? The goal is to open in March/April 2018

• Q:  What does co-working look like now and in the future? Right now WingSpace has a three-month program going on called CoBoss. We currently have 20 people participating in the program, divided into four groups. It’s a mastermind style program designed to support each other to reach specific business goals in the three month period. In the future WS will have a physical space to call our own - our home base so to speak. It will include offices, conference rooms, a podcast room, and an open coworking space.

• Q:  What is the biggest road blocks you will overcome in 1st year?  The biggest road blocks will be in educating the community about WingSpace. Most people in the area think a coworking space is more about cheap office space, or cheap desks to rent. But the main emphasis is on being part of an entrepreneurial community, along with access to the educational programming, and the social benefits. 

• Q:  What examples of success have you seen in the coworking industry that you hope to emulate? There are a few coworking spaces with business models that WingSpace has a desire to emulate on some level. They have focus on building community, educational programming, women focused programming, and programs that support underserved communities, and entrepreneurship programs for children. Over time WingSpace would like to slowly implement similar programs.

• Q:  What is WingSpace’s vision? Where will it be in 5 years? We strive to be a thriving community known as a hub where independents gather, work, teach, learn, thrive, innovate, and feel like they have some place where they belong – where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came.

Category #5:  # of Members

Q:  How many members are needed for WingSpace to thrive? We need at least 20 full-time and part-time members to cover our basic expenses. Beyond that will be able to develop the space to meet the wants and needs of its members to help their businesses succeed and make WingSpace a member-sustained community.

Q:  How many people/businesses can WingSpace hold?  In a 3,000 sq. ft. space WingSpace will be able to have about 25-30 people working in the space at the same time on a normal workday. As far as total of members...it all depends on the various levels of membership, but it will be somewhere in the ballpark of 65 to 85 active members. Keep in mind that coworking spaces are similar to a fitness gym business model where many members will only be using the space on a very limited basis. 

To compare WingSpace to another coworking space of similar size and community Cohere in Fort Collins Colorado is a 2,500 sq. ft. space that has been open for 7 years and it now has 65 members at various membership levels. People are now on a waiting list to join. WingSpace is looking for a space between 2,700 - to - 3,000 sq. ft.

Q:  How many types of memberships does WS offer? WS offers a part-time membership plan, and two different full-time membership plans.  Other memberships are for those who just want to utilize certain amenities, or to just drop-in from time to time.

Q:  How big is TOO BIG when you consider your future?

When WingSpace reaches capacity we will either look for a larger space, or expand to a second location. But we will make that decision when that time comes.  WS does not have visions of becoming a large chain or licensing its business model at this point. We’re solely focused on supporting our local independent workforce and building a stronger local economy here in Yavapai County at this time.

Other Questions

Q:  Do you offer discounts for multiple members of the same company?

We do have a Team Membership option which covers up to four team members.  Any and all other discounts or package deals are at the discretion of WS and must be discussed before implementation.

Q:  Are there any rules?

Everything you need to know about coworking etiquette, you learned in Kindergarten. Mutual respect and personal responsibility are the main tenets of coworking. Respect the limits of your membership choice, be polite and courteous, clean up after yourself, share the space, and enjoy yourself.  The details of these rules are spelled out in our terms of service agreement when you sign up.

Q:  What if the location/space doesn't work for my business once you find a location? What if the WingSpace project does not come to fruition, will I get a full refund?
 Yes, You will receive a full refund. Our goal is to get into a space in March/April 2018.


Got More Questions?

If you have additional questions that were not answered above, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions. WingSpace is and will be a work in progress so some of the answers above are likely to change depending on the space we end up in.

What questions do you have?

Please post your question in the comments below...




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