Who The Hell Am I To Think I Can Do This Thing?

It doesn't seem to matter how many businesses I have started, owned, bought or operated, whenever I do something outside of my comfort zone the barrage of self-limiting thoughts come in full force. 

"Oh, it's you again fear. Hello. What stack of lies are we in for today?"

Something happens inside of us with every new opportunity for growth. Whenever we think we're ready to stretch outside of our comfort zone to create something new or dust off an old abandoned dream we have to go through the process of dealing with whatever junk inevitably comes up. 

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 Member Spotlight: Kind because you can!

Kind Defined is a nonprofit that believes in the ripple effect. Your smile can truly brighten someone's day. We are an organization of good people and kind hearts. We simply want the world to be a place where we look upon each other and smile. Sometimes we may say, "Huh, I never saw it that way, but there you go." But we are not angry or shouty at another. [Read More…]

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Coworking Meets Playcare in Prescott

An exciting new collaboration between WingSpace Coworking and MunchkinLand Play Center means working parents in the area now have more flexibility then ever before.

Starting August 1, all WingSpace members with a monthly membership of 4 days/month or more will be eligible for a play-care discount on 2 or 3 hour play sessions between 9 am and 1 pm.  Those are typically the peek productive work times before the little ones are ready for their afternoon nap.

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Women's Networking Group at WingSpace in Prescott

Melanie Banayat from WingSpace Coworking talks about Women Focused Memberships with an emphasis on  Professional and Personal Development including: Educational courses, workshops, and support groups.  Melanie also takes you on a tour of the inside of WingSpace.

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Mayor MeNgarelli and The City of Prescott Officially Declares June 7th WingSpace Coworking Day!

The tone was set for our guests:
Hopscotch on front sidewalk √
Balloons √
Dr. Seuss Inspired Door √
Live Music, Chair Massages, Tea tasting, and Food √

It was a beautiful day for a Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening Celebration. We wanted our guests to understand that WingSpace was not like any other office space in the area.  We have an emphasis on 'Working Happy' and being part of a community.

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The Doorway of Ideas, Imagination, and Opportunities

"As soon as you open your mind to doing things differently, the doors of opportunity practically fly off their hinges." ~Jay Abraham

When I decided to design the asymmetrical door frame at WingSpace, it was because I wanted people to walk into our front door and have an immediate visual that this place was a little different than [Read More]

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The True Cost of Working Out of a Coffee Shop

How Much Does It Really Cost To Work Out Of Coffee Shops?

Let’s do some math. Let's say you work out of a cafe 3 days a week.

Most coffee shops charge about $3.50 to $4.50 for a drink, and they’ll let you work for an hour or two before they expect you to buy something else or get out of the way for paying customers. If it’s a slow day, you can probably hang out longer, but if it’s busy, etiquette dictates that you should only take up a table for about an hour. After all, the café depends on a lot of small sales, and they want people moving in and out so new customers can enjoy the ambiance of the café.

That works out to an average of about $4 per drink [Read More]

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An Executive Office for One VS. An Office Membership in a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are on the rise as an attractive alternative to the traditional office. When it comes to traditional office leases, there are actually a substantial amount of unforeseen costs that you probably aren’t accounting for when choosing the perfect office space to suit your business needs.

I spent the past year in search of a 3,000 square foot space for WingSpace.  I looked at many properties and learned quite a bit about why there are so many empty office suites in Prescott.

Of course, not every business is a good fit for a coworking space, but for those who do not NEED …[Read More]

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A Culture of Belonging for Independent Workers

The future of work culture is here in the form of coworking spaces, and it’s quietly addressing some of the world’s biggest problems in a proactive way. At face value coworking spaces have set out to differential themselves by offering value-added services, partnerships with nearby businesses, unique environments, and attractive, user friendly membership structures. Yet the true value does not lie in such perks, but rather in the coworking community within the space itself! According to Harvard Business Review [Read More]

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Best 4 Free Private Meeting Spaces in Prescott

If you’re NOT a non-profit, nothing is quite as difficult and nuanced as finding free meeting space in Prescott. Most people end up meeting in café’s and restaurants, which means everyone feels obligated to buy something every single time you meet.

By and large, meeting rooms in Prescott cost money. So I set out to find meeting rooms that have an almost impossible set of criteria:

1) Free

2) Responsive to inquiries

3) Good availability and few restrictions on use?

I found a few and I want everyone to know about them, so you can go forth and MEET. 

There are actually some pretty good options.

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CheckYoMate: How Coworking Communities are Dismantling Loneliness and Destigmatizing Mental Illness

We are social animals and need to feel that we "belong" with others and feel connected to one another. Social pain is as real for us as physical pain; researchers have shown that loneliness and rejection activates the same parts of the brain as physical pain, which can lead to mental illness over time.

One of the myths surrounding loneliness is that loneliness is typically associated with being alone, but it also affects people when they are surrounded by others and or well-connected socially. This is because loneliness has to do with …[Read More]

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If Healthy is the New Black, Then Coworking Might Just Be the Healthy Choice for Independent Workers

Is a coworking space really better than working from home?

As a freelancer or independent worker you’ve probably heard a lot of the assumptions that people have about being “location-independent”. When you tell someone you’re a freelance writer, they smile and say, “That must be great. You can work from anywhere!” You usually end up answering questions about whether you work in your pajamas and slippers, and they may even conjure up some romantic image of you working in a café much like what they’ve seen in the movies.

But when you don’t have your own office — or even a dedicated cubicle — it can be tough to find a place where you can focus on your work [Read More]

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