Give Me My WingSpace

The walls are closing in. The dog keeps looking at me. It’s noon and I haven’t showered. I have forgotten how to behave in polite society.

I’ve been working almost entirely from home for over 7 years. I do go OUT THERE for the normal reasons but the only person I know by name is my favorite cashier at the grocery store. I am a stranger in my own town.

Now that I have my own business, I can still do much of the work from the comfort of my pajamas but I do need to meet with other humanoids from time to time. And, I love coffee just as much as the next person but please God spare me from another coffeehouse meeting. Even good stuff gets old fast. Most of my clients I meet in their place of residence, but having a professional, public space to go to sounds pretty dreamy. Of course, a loftier goal is for me to have one of those edgy brick office spaces downtown to hole up in. Once I start selling gold nuggets, I’ll look into that.

In the meantime, give me my wing space.

I want a reason to put on my grown-up clothes and some eyeliner. I want to have a conversation with someone else who’s trying to coordinate their own little entrepreneurial circus. I would appreciate a 2-way discussion that doesn’t include whether I need stamps or ice. And man, would I love for someone to stop by my desk on a Friday afternoon and ask if I want to go to happy hour. I want to remember that talking to oneself or to one’s laptop is considered a little odd in some circles. I want to get away from the dog for a few hours every day. I can learn again to act right in public.

I’m looking forward to seeing what other like-minded people are here. People who have a technology or business background as I do, or are trying their hand at independent business ownership. People who know they are not alone here, all under one roof.

I’m ready, Prescott. Bring me your pajamaed, your twitchy, your brilliant minds yearning to be free. I’ll be at the cube in the corner talking to myself and hoping you’re up for a beer later.

Melanie BanayatComment