About Josh Bowen

WingSpace Technology Specialist

Independent Worker: Chispa Consulting, Book-A-Josh

Josh is an all around technologist and is managing our tech needs at Wing Space. He has worked for colleges and non-profits helping to improve technology processes and educate others. He currently teaches adult technology classes at the Prescott Valley Public Library. These include topics such as web design, basic computer usage, social media, 3D printing, productivity software, and more. As a continuous learner he spends time taking in the newest tech such as machine learning or just honing his Python skills.

Josh also owns a consulting company focused on solving problems for entrepreneurs and small businesses. They have worked with companies across industries in the areas of procurement, automation, internal software, and cyber security. He also organizes Digital Prescott, a tech focused meetup group. When not working Josh enjoys the outdoors, riding his motorcycle, and reading. You can get a hold of Josh at, for consulting inquiries please email or call (402) 401-4381.