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A strategically structured program to help you grow your business, make more money, and make friends with members who will help support you on your journey. This is for people who have bigger goals that they want to accomplish each quarter of the year with their business. With the right focus and support three months is enough time to either complete your new business plan, create a prototype, set up an online store, or implement your latest marketing campaign from beginning to end. You can utilize your team for focus group style feedback, mastermind brainstorming, and testing your product or service if applicable. 

• Kick Off Event
• Get togethers
• Wrap Up Event

Upcoming CoBoss Program
January 9 - March 27, 2018



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Work Spints

Whether you're gathering for a specific kind of work like writing, inbox-clearing, scheduling, or just a general focus on getting some work done, a work sprint is a flat-out simple but highly effective way to focus, get down to business, and actually enjoy it. While you can do a Work Sprint all by yourself, you're much better off with at least one other person to keep you in line.  Personal discipline only gets us so far before distractions and life in general take over. 

Available for free with any part-time or full-time membership.

Upcoming Work Sprint Sessions:
Beginning in March 2018

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Midweek Mindtweak

This is an ongoing weekly education series geared toward Businesses, Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Personal Development. It's about giving back to the community.

Midweak Mindtweaks will begin in April 2018

Members and Guest Speakers can apply to host a Midweak Mindtweak.


All membership levels may attend the Midweek Mindtweak classes

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Business Idea XChange

Two people will have the opportunity to be on the 'Gift Seat' each month. Experience authentic sharing, insight, support, and brainstorming.  This is a facilitated interactive activity to help you break through sticking points, open your mind to outside the box ideas, and gain insight from those who with bits of wisdom to share. Even when you’re not on the gift seat you will benefit!  Sign up to be on the gift seat now.

$10 members
$15 non-members

Date and Location of our next Business Idea XChange will be announced soon. Please sign up for our newsletter for updates.