The Girls G.O.T. Prescott meetup group will be hosting its first series of G.O.T. Talks this year in 2016, and we want YOU to join us on this adventure.  G.O.T. stands for 'Get Out There', so we're giving you yet another opportunity to do just that.

SPEAKERS: Please read everything carefully before filling out the  ONLINE APPLICATION below.

What is a G.O.T. Talk?

These talks are much like TED Talks, Urban Campfire talks, or SheSummit talks.

What important message or legacy do you want to leave behind with the world (or at least with the people in our local Prescott audience)? We’re not looking for perfect; we’re looking for personal, powerful, and purposeful. We’re looking for REAL people with REAL stories. 

• Do you have a big idea? 
• What is something that really bugs you about your industry that you feel needs to be highlighted? 
• Do you want to change a world view on a subject?
• Did you survive something difficult and learn something very valuable in the process that’s worth sharing? 

This talk series is designed to give members of the Girls G.O.T. Prescott meetup group a chance to stretch outside of their comfort zone a little, practice public speaking in a safe and supportive environment, and do something really cool, meaningful, and important -- that isn’t just about marketing a product or service. This is a local platform that is hosted by a volunteer operated meetup group, so speakers are not paid.

These talks are not about marketing your personal brand, or your business; however, depending on the venue the speakers will be allowed to set up a table to market and sell their products or services before and or after the talks if there is space to do so. This is not a guarantee. Speakers must be committed to stay the full length of the event, which will be an hour and a half long, and make themselves accessible for questions and interacting with attendees. That is when you will have the opportunity to network and talk about your business, brand, product(s), or services.

We’re looking for women who want to talk about something that disrupts a common train of thought. Someone who has an exceptional, vulnerable, personal story that might change the lives of the people in the room. 

You do not have to be an experienced speaker, or a highly polished speaker, but we are looking for speakers who are willing to write, prepare, and practice their talk over and over so they feel comfortable, confident, and able to deliver their talk without referring to notes. There will not be a podium to stand behind, but if you feel you need some reference point then a powerpoint is always a good option. 

There are three different lengths of talks to choose from, and whichever length you choose, we want you to be able to fit your talk within that time period, so that requires practice. We do not want you to adlib on the day of the event, because there will be at least two to three other speakers on the schedule (per monthly event).

Three Length Options

5 minute talk
10 minute talk
18 minute talk


• Be clear how you want people to take action on your big idea or message. What do you want your audience to take from your talk? Based on your personal mission what do you feel is your responsibility to share for the betterment of the world around you? Let that drive whatever it is you want to talk about.
• Pitch a talk on a subject that is current (today)
• This is not to be a highly polished, scripted talk. Just write out your talk from your heart, and practice talking from your heart.
• What personal story is pertinent to your message that can really hit home in service of the audience, because it’s good to show that you have struggled, that you are human, and have weaknesses -- that is how the audience will connect on an emotional level with your message.
• Allow your personality to come out.  If you have a funny laugh, don’t hold it back, if you need to do a little something silly to reduce your anxiety – that’s great.
• Tell your story, your truth in your own quirky way.  It’s okay if your talk is raw and emotional - in fact, that's what we're truly after here.


• If you are going to use a Powerpoint presentation, keep your slides simple and visually engaging without a lot of text. Do not cram too many visuals or to much information into one slide.
• Watch several short, concise TED Talks online (you can Google 'TED Talks') to get the gist of what we want for G.O.T. Talks. You can look for TED talks on specific topics as well, such as Women’s issues, health and wellness, technology, etc.
• This is about making the event successful – it’s not about YOU.
• Do not get upset if you are not selected to give a talk. Humility goes a long way.  It’s best not to burn bridges. There are only a certain number of time slots for the talks. 
• You may want to become a member of a local Prescott chapter of Toastmasters to practice public speaking with a group of others who are also practicing public speaking.

Locations and Times for the talks:

The talks will be held in Prescott at the Business Assistance Center (unless otherwise indicated).  There is enough seating for 30 attendees.  Each of the G.O.T. Talk events will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm.

The Business Assistance Center (BAC)
221 N. Marina Street Suite 101
Prescott, AZ. 86301


Girls G.O.T. Prescott members must be current paid members to qualify to do a G.O.T. Talk. Membership is only $10 for the year.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
• GOT members may pitch for up to a total of three different GOT Talks. You may be selected for only one, or two, or all three, so be prepared to give all three if you apply for three. 

• Then simply fill out the online G.O.T. Talk application below to pitch your talk.

Deadline for G.O.T. Talk Pitch Applications

All applications must be received by February 29, 2016. Selections will me made and announced by email by March 11, 2016.  The first talk will be scheduled on Wednesday April 20, 2016.  There will be space in one of the small side rooms for the speakers to set up a table to display their business information, products, and or services.

G.O.T. Talk Themes and Schedule

Each of the G.O.T. Talk events will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
April 20, 2016 - Environment
May 18, 2016 - Health & Well-being
June 15, 2016 - Education
July 20, 2016 - Science/Technology
August 17, 2016 - Community/Society
September 21, 2016 - Arts/Creativity
October 19, 2016 - Finance/Budget/Investment/Business


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TIP: Keep your comments real and humble. Do you have experience with public speaking? Have you written a book? Do you write for a blog or other publication? Have you experienced something that give you personal experience on the topic?